Manifesto XXI - Magazine


Producer Penelope releases a leading album, Antelope, on June 14 at Kowtow Records (Black Monolith, Malvina Meinier ...). On Friday, April 5, she unveiled a first clipped extract: "33-1 Oak". A piece that raises the question of the dependence of inspiration on imitation. "I tried so much to be you" ... A piece that talks about finding one's place.

n the video, Penelope searches for the answer at the foot of buildings, at the foot of trees, in the sky and beyond, on the sea and on the sun. It's a blue-colored delight against the backdrop of the more rustic than the country, which accompanies the sweetness of this experimental folk. A voice like that of Moriarty or Mesparrow, more fragile, which wobbles to become sometimes indistinct, but remains, even covered by piano chords, even modified, very shaky, powerful enough to shake the others.