Hidden in the woods, music on my mind.

Belgian Singer and producer Penelope Antena, truly is a one of a kind, multifaceted artist. From her Lo-Fi sounding EP ‘Down the Habit Hole “, to her soul infused duo “Honey Drips” with Swiss producer Deheb, to the fragile and tormented melodies of “33-1 Oak” (her first single out on the new Parisian label KowTow Records). Penelope can proudly say she takes from her mother Isabelle Antena when it comes to cross musical genre .

Though the common thread between all the worlds she cleverly navigates, would definitely be her vocals. Experimenting instinctively with different techniques, Antena uses her voice as a harmonic lab of emotions. Sometimes intimate, sometimes haunted. Always Original.


Her first LP Antelope - entirely self-produced - comes as proof that the music she makes changes and evolves to perfectly match her personal story.
After a painful heartache, Antena settles alone in her parents house, lost in the woods somewhere in the south of France.

Surrounded by her grand father’s instrument (Marc Moulin- great Belgian composer from the 70’s ) she writes this 10 track album field with melancholia and broken love.

Like on the branches of the Cedars around her house, It’s a folky electronic breeze that hallows onto this record.
New sound, same familiar feeling when listening to Antena (be it Mother or Daughter) : acoustic and electronic have rarely been so intertwined, beautifully combined.

Genre : Electronica / Folktronica